Appliances containing controllers (speed, torque, cycle) and/or motors for household uses must comply to the CE regulations. Emissions, both radiated and conducted must be verified to the standards. Some appliances also require Immunity test to be done. The immunity tests deal with Radiated Electric Field Immunity, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), and coupling in of Fast Transients (Electrical Fast Transients). Much of this testing can be done right at your own manufacturing site. Engineering help in terms of troubleshooting problems or design help is available at International Certification Services, Inc.


Computers and associated equipments must pass compliance with CE regulations as well as Domestic (FCC part 15) requirements. ICSI offers help in solving problems dealing with meeting agency requirements. Also, on site pretesting can be done with our portable test equipment and Engineering assistance. ICSI offers participation in Design Reviews to help steer a new product concept to the proper implementations to help pass compliance when it is built. Whether your situation is the start of a new project or helping to solve problems in an already finished design, let the years of experience of ICSI help you out.


Some Medical devices require Notified Body approval but most cases where self declaration is adequate. Full knowledge of the 510K process and the EN60601 standard is maintained at ICSI regarding the agency approval process and testing. Some on site testing can be done in terms of close field sniffing for RF emissions or conducted tests as well as ESD testing right at your site. Using ICSI can expedite your process of approval and compliance to worldwide certifications.


The Machine Directive requires machines with moving parts to be in compliance with defined regulations. Physical Safety, Risk Analysis, as well as aspects of electronic and electrical emissions and sensitivity must be in compliance with established limits. Issues like moving parts, safety isolation, emissions, ESD sensitivity, Noise immunity and numereous other aspects must be tested for and reported.


The telecommunications industry has always been a problem with regulatory agency approvals. In the past one could make a career out of testing one product for the proper approvals. Now with the EU and Directives in effect, the system is easier to handle and get certified. One still must test to the proper regulations but now testing only needs to be done once and submitted throughout the EU.

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